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I don't always know a title, ok?

Back again!

Been @ my g/f's for the weekend, nice time! Miss her terribly, just wanna be with her ... she's @ a friend's house right now, seemingly chatting on MSN. Whatever.
I feel kinda weird, kinda sick ... hopefully I don't actually become sick cuz I told McDonalds that I was sick for like 2 weeks and tomorrow's Crew Meeting ... hell yeah. nice.
What to say ... miss my angel, terribly. Am tired. Got a headache. Am pissed.


Fuck you.

Don't take this personally.

14.2.06 22:49

Guess who ...

Yeah ... the don is back, and Luigi, he doesn't like what you 'ave done.

Fuck that.

I'm back after having abandoned my little blog here.

So what has happened?

I'm in love. Madly. Truly.
I started to like HIMs music. Oh yeah, I'm wearing fingerless gloves. And I'm gonna see those guys in Zurich. I'm trying to withstand the urge to draw heartagrams on everything.
Still studying English. Oh wow, tests are coming up.
Stressed by some ... well ... complicated happenings.
Stressed by my parents. Argh.

This blog is going to be under construction for some time. I'm gonna improve the design and stuff. Cool huh?

So see you soon, all my fans! :P

24.1.06 22:47

Back in black (as usual, bitch)

Yeah, I'm back!

Some sayings that kept following me since:

I'm a hustala, I'm a I'm a hustala, homie! I'm a hustala, I'm a I'm a hustala homie! Nigga ask a-, nigga nigga ask about me! Nigga ask a-, nigga nigga ask about me!

A-ha, a-ha, a-ha a-ha a-ha!

I like to move it move it, you like to - MOVE IT!

And more.

Well not in Germany anymore, but had a great great week there. Now I'm back, went to Army Basic Training Recruitment (german: Aushebung f?r die Rekrutenschule), now I'm gonna be working with radios in one year during my basic training.
I pushed M.O.D.A.W. (my rap crew).
I emotionally got off my ex ... but am involved again ... with a person I have "loved" for a long time, but differently.
I gonna work in a McDonald's restaurant near me - money, baby.
I passed my driver's licence exam and got my dad do give me a red Mazda 323F GT V6 :D I worked on it - exchanged brake discs, replaced handbrake tongs, fixed exhaust pipe, and cleaned it. Now it's fuckin mine.
I'm still doing reports for the NBT, that local newspaper.
What else?
Working on my music shit, had a fight with my best friend but it's all good. I hope.

Hmmm not drawing much right now. Hangin' around at home and in Zurich, trying to get myself to starting to learn that damn Latin shit but ah well.
Hm ...
Etc etc etc. I'll update if there's anything more.

as to use Ozzy Osbourne's words: "Look, I love you all, but you're fuckin MAD!"

7.8.05 01:11

broken ... ?

I bruise easily, so be gentle when you handle me.

Well yeah. I?m in Germany right now (the keyboards are different, which is teh sux), visiting some friends. Unfortunately I have to leave on thursday evening or friday morning which is an even bigger sux.

Next week: Army Evaluation. Yay. 12 minutes of running and I don?t have any fuckin? physical condition. Cool, huh.

Trying to emotionally get away from my ex; have had a hard time. Many times my memories and emotions just flooded my heart and I had a terrible fight not to start crying ... but I try.
I?m so glad that my lil sis Biene is here ... just great to talk ... she`s just awesome :D

Alright, y?all, holla back.

12.7.05 14:02


see 'my angel'. that's all.
4.7.05 11:20

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